Betting on MLB Baseball 2016 Guide

As a sports bettor who is just getting started, you may have some questions concerning the best way to go about betting on Baseball and be fruitful at it. This article should be read as a brief guide to help you improve your chances of profiting while betting on MLB games.

Placing good bets on MLB Baseball is not a complicated task, but it is very dissimilar to betting on NFL Football or NBA basketball. If you're not familiar with money line, betting can be extremely intimidating, but the good news is that with time, you will eventually familiarized yourself with it and everything will look simple to you.

Money Line

As you may already know, the money line is based on $100 bets. A team will be favored on every single contest and be represented with a minus sign(eg. Cubs -125) next to the money line. and the underdog will have a plus sign(eg. +115 Mets) next to the money-line.

In the example above, if you wanted to win $100, you will need to bet $125 on the Cubs because they are the favorite and need to risk more money to bet on the stronger team. On the other hands, betting on the Mets which are the underdogs, you will get better odds and more money if they were to beat the favorite team. So to win $100, you need to bet $115 on the Mets. This is what the (Mets +115) means.

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