Seeking Value in Sports Betting

The best way to succeed

The secret to a very successful sports betting career is by seeking the best value on every single bet. Seeking "value" means getting the "true" odds on a specific team. For instance, if your fair evaluation of a game is telling you the under-dog team should really be receiving 4.5 points but instead is receiving 7.5 points, then that is basically a value betting proposition. It is also known as an "overlay."

Seeking "Value Betting" is define when you strongly consider which game will get you the best chance to not only win but to get you the best payment return. This can also include betting on underdogs, team who aren't expected to win. But remember that underdogs doesn't necessarily have to win the game since all they have to do is lost by fewer than the point-spread odds to win money, so don't disregard underdogs. In fact, the best value betting are usually on underdogs since the odds-makers figures that many will not go for these bets.

Those who are in charge of fixing he odds/lines have to do so on a large arrays of game and sometimes, they will get sloppy by fixing great odds that benefits the bettors, but it's hope to you to do your due diligence and look for these game with good value. A lot of these valued odds are on sports that many bettors don't bet on, specially sports that I would call "soft-sports" like hockey, tennis, golf.

As a sports bettor, you should closely keep an eye on the numbers in football where small changes in the point spread could have major ramification on the value of the bet. The line moving from 6.5 to 8 should be seen as drastic move, even on a 2 point conversion. In case you would like to take the under at +6.5, than you should get incredible value-on-bet at +8. Keep in mind that many games in Football are decided by the margin of about 3-points than any other margins. Therefore, a point spread that start at 2.5 to 3.5 should be taken very seriously by a bettor.