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In this piece of writing, I will be explaining and go over the best way to bet on soccer successfully and win you some cash along the way. There are multiple methods and tactics that can be utilized with varying degree of success, and this article will try to direct you in the right direction if it is in your plan to start betting on Soccer.

When betting on Soccer, you should be aware of numerous types of competition with varying rules so it's best for potential bettors to be informed before placing their bets. More often than not, a draw could end up the final result of a specific game, so be aware they are 3 different result to bet on between Team-1 and Team-2;

Team-1 wins

Team-2 wins

Team-1 and Team-2 plays to a draw

Soccer wager is based on the outcome of a game after 90 minutes or regular-time, which consist of additional time added by the referee to make up the lost time wasted on injuries and other stoppage during the game. Overtime and penalty shoot-outs will not count in relation to your betting since they are not considered to be within the "regular time" framework.

Let's say for example, during the elimination rounds of a major tournament, a winner is necessary to advance to the next round, but all wages/bets are settled during a 90 minutes of regular time, which makes a draw a probable outcome to wager on during an elimination match.

Below is an example of what a 3-way moneyline would resemble.

Germany -128

Japan +329

Draw +250


A different option to betting on soccer is to take the bet on the "2 way money-line" which is also known as "draw, No bet" option. On this option, you simply bet on the outcome of a match without the draw possibility. The 2 probable bets are:

Team-D wins
Team-C wins

This type of betting removes the option of a draw and in most cases, will have inflated odds who whoever is the favorite and deflated odds on the team who is regarded as the underdog. In a World Cup match between Germany and Japan, the odds on a 2-way money-line would look like this:

Germany - 310
Japan + 271

Again, as you can observe above, there won't be an option to bet on a draw, but in the case the match eventually ends in a draw, your money will be refunded or will be labled as "No action" as if the bet was not taken.


On par with betting in a 2-way lines without the draw, "Goal line betting is a way for bettors to win the wager on multiple result of a game. The goal-line betting is similar to puck-line in Hockey and point spread which is offered in football or basketball. Goal-line is usually 0.5 goals, but in the case of games with huge favorite, the goal-line mahy ballooned to to 1, 1.5 and as much as 3 or more.

A world Cup match which consist of a huge favorite like Brazil going against an underdog like China would look like this below:
Brazil -3.5
China +3.5

If you picked Brazil -3.5, than you will need 4 goals difference or more from Brazil to win the bet.

On the other side, if you bet on China +3.5, it mean China will have to either win, draw or lose by no less than 3 goals. If China loses by 4 goals difference, you lose the bet.


In soccer, the totals works very differently from other sports and can be displayed in multiples of .25 goals. Because scoring is much less in soccer, Odds-makers will usually set a total of about 2.25 or 2.75.

Let's say you bet on "over 2.25 goals" as an example, half of your bet will be placed on the "over 2" while the other half of the bet will be put on "over 2.5" . In the case the game ends on 2, that means you lose half of your bet(over 2.5) while you will be refunded the other half(over 2).

On the other end, if the game ends on 3, you will win both both of your bets, the over 2 and the over 2.5.

In another well-known example, if you take a bet on the under 2.75. On this option, half of your bet is placed on the under 2.5 goals while the other half is placed on the under 3 goals. In the case the game ends on 3, you would lose half of your bet(under 2.5) while you will be refunded your under half(under 3).


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