How to become a better sports bettor

I'm pretty sure you've heard by now all the talks concerning sharp bettors which is a term that has reached folkloric proportion in the world of sports betting. This same exact term is also very misunderstood and my honest opinion is that people give sharp bettors way too much credit.

Most believe sharp bettors are people with some type of inside information or an infallible betting system which gives them a huge edge against the masses but I'm here to tell you neither is true.
The biggest difference between sharp bettors and the so called square bettors is the amount of time and determination/passion they put into their pursuit.

All of us would expect the worst NBA player to be greatly better than the guy who plays in the recreational league once a week. The Professional NBA players constantly practices every day and gets access to the best coaches and equipment to improve as a player. On the other end, the guy who plays recreational ball may play once a week and possibly does not the same determination and tools to get better as the pro.

Similar straits exist between the 2 in the world of sports betting, with a sharp bettor being very attentive and calculative which leads that person to spends nights and day studying for his next bet so to give himself the best chance for Profit. On the other side, casual bettors will probably read a few stats and article and make their bet without doing much detailed study before placing wager. So as you see, it's all about commitment which separate the 2 groups.

The amount of effort and work sharp bettors put in provide them with the understanding to identify what really matters and what's the best route to maximum profits. This same work also help them recognize what not to do when betting and with that, I'd like to introduce you to the 3 things that sharp bettors knows that the average bettors are not aware of.

1)The game final score almost never matters
For sharp bettors, the final result of a match is of lesser interest to them as oppose to finding it why why the final result ended up the way it did. Was winner victorious because it had an unstoppable;e running game.. Was the loser pass-defense destroyed heavily. What role did turn-overs played into the team losing..Did the losing team missing a key player through injuries?.....I could go on and on but you probably get the point by now.

Standing on its own, the final score of a match really doesn't tell you much about how the final scored got there.
2 team could play to a match specific final score which could had arrived to it by a millions ways. What's important here is the details that went into getting toward the final result and by analyzing those details, you would have a better idea of what may happen in the future. Sharp bettors will key on those details while the more casual bettors may see that a team won its past 2 games easily and would assume that they would do it again without looking at how that team won its previous games.

2)Teasers & Parlays are all for suckerz.
There are exceptional situation where sharp bettors would utilize parlays but they usually stay away from them for the most part, specifically when the parlays includes the point-spread instead of the moneyline. The reasoning for this is pretty clear cut - The payout is horribly less than the massive risk involved in the parlay, so overtime, there will surely be a strong negative odds and expectation to win these bets. To say it in another way, if you keep taking these bets long enough, you will eventually lose money.

Let's say you're parlaying 3 teams, on each single game there are 2 probable results - You can only right or wrong but no in-between. For all these 3 games, there are a sum of 8 different probable results - You could potentially be right about all 3, you may be wrong about all 3, you could be right about the first one and wrong on the other 2 and so on and on.

Concerning those 8 probable combinations, simply one(being correct on all 3) will end up in a winning parlay bet. This surely convey that for you to break-even in the long-run, you will have to bet to pay 7/1.

The big issue is that three team parlays only pay 6.5/1 or even less. That also implies that you surely will eventually lose money over the long run but sharp bettors are smart enough to stay away from these rotten plays. Those are exactly these negatives expectation that the casinos expect you to take so they could make their money but there's no reason for you to fall into their trap. Specially when there exist much better bets with better odd to profits.

3)It's all about the Value
Occasional bettors are usually worried about who will win the match and they usually make their decision on who to bet on based on which team is better on paper. On the other end, sharp bettors doesn't really care which team is stronger but instead they care much more about what the line is on the game and how expectation lines-up in compare to the line.

Basically, if you buy a gold-spoon for $600 and the gold in the spoon is worth $600, than there's no value in reselling and profit margin. But if you had bought the same gold-spoon for $400 and the gold in it is worth $600, than you'd make this buy every day. That's because there's huge value in paying for an item which value doesn't accurately reflects its true price-tag. In this case the item is under-valued.

In the betting world, sharp bettors loves these time of deal and work hard to seek good value on each bets. If a team have a 40% chance of winning but the moneyline is at (+155), a sharp bettor would jump on it simply because over the long-run, he or she would eventually make money and profit. Casual wagers, on their part, prefer to focus on the other team because it gives them a better chance of winning the game.


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