Sports Handicapping Best Strategies and Tactics

In sports betting, there are a a large varieties of strategies that can be applied to great success. There's really no telling whether yours is better than someone else's strategy since a lot of it depends on your own style of betting and comfort-ability level. In this industry, you will quickly find out that there is a broad range of ways you could attain pleasant success which could bring great profit.

As an illustration of what can be utilized when you think about sports strategies, let us consider how numerous stock analyst may work.
Analyst A might concentrate on stocks with low level price to very high earning ratio. On the other hand, analyst B may decide to focus on specific stocks that are projected to bring major profit in a few years down the road - Those stock will show very slow but steady growth. Then, there is analyst C who chooses to concentrate on companies that displays exceptional R&D and management personnel. This analyst will buy stocks based on a company future growth potential and competent performance.

Analyst A might generate money through good times while growth is robust only to see low priced and much smaller companies collapsed in a terrible economy. In contrast, Analyst B will see success as long as the companies continue to find new ways to get bigger and expand while building up a loyal following. Analyst C might witness success during good and bad times because the stocks are from companies are innovative.

On what is success based? It is really based on stable strategy + market variables + duration = colossal immense success. So what does equal failure? unstable or unsteady strategy + market variables + duration = epic immense failure. The lesson that you should learn from this is, good strategy results is indeed success. The other element of this equation that is not talked about is that lasting success is established on the possibility for you to change your strategy when market variables demands some adjustment.

When it comes to sports betting, the same is true. You will eventually find success as long as your strategy and solid and steady which equals to lots of money. It is crucial to know a few important details when getting involved in sports betting strategy. First, not all strategies are on par as for level of effectiveness. That would mean it may take you some time to find the strategy that fit for your personal profit expectation.

The second detail that you need to remember is that strategies similar to the Martingale are based, for the most part, on happenstance which don't take into consideration match-up statistics or any other similar details meant to analyze the game. You should be reminded that Martingale is used for even odds bets and it's a strategy that requires you to win back all your previous loses by increasing your bet size on every instance you lose.

If you're one of the few who do not know how the Martingale strategy operates, I'd like to give you a quick and sample example and maybe you could decide whether it's a system worth a try. Martingale is a strategy that was created in France about a century ago. It is a system that many sports and stock market bettor uses to great effect.

The way it work is by firstly placing your original bet at, lets say at $100. If you win that bet, your next bet should be of similar amount which in this case means at $100. On the other hand, if you lose your original bet, you will have to double down on it. This means if you bet on the New York Knicks for $100 and lose, your next bet should be at $200. If you eventually win the $200 bet, that would allow you to recoup your original bet losses and depending on the odds, you'd also make an extra profit to go along with it.

If you happen to win your second bet of $200(which is the doubling down of your original bet) then you go back to your original first bet amount of $100. On the other hand, if you lose the $200 bet, you have to again, double down for the 3rd phase which mean it should be at $400. You get the point? The process should continue until you finally win which would recoup all the money you previously lost on 1 win. After that win, you simply go back to your original betting size of $100.

Unfortunately, there are 3 major flaws in the Martingale system. The first one is you'd be chasing bad losses with the possibility of digging yourself unto a deeper hole. Second, this system is basically asking you to increase your bet size each time you lose a bet while attempting to break even if you can get that win. Many of us in the industry consider this terrible money management. The third and final problem is this system requires you to put larger amount of money on the table after each lost which means risking wiping out your bankroll very quickly. This surely is not sound strategy.

What should you do instead of using the Martingale strategy or similar risky system? I would suggest you to seek an handicapping system that functions consistently and that takes into account match-up statistics and other data to help you make a proper decision on who to bet on.

After you settle on this handicapping strategy that fit your comfort-ability level, you want to consistently work to define and adjust it further to make it even more effective. Sometimes, you may find out that your system may need a few tweaks here and there for different sports or new rules changes for a particular sports that could demand its unique criteria.

In the main course, if you decide to go the route of a professional handicapping service, they will of course have their own way of analyzing their games which would must likely include a variety of analytical tools. If you should proceed and hire a professional sports betting service, be aware that even them will eventually go through bad losing streaks, so keep that in mind.

And last but not least, the main thing to remember is, if you don't instill proper analysis into your handicapping, you should expect bad result. It is important to seek good statistics and matchups insights and once you gather them together, you need to properly inject them into your system so they can be crunched properly. A solid betting strategy is key to making sure you succeed as a sports bettor. Not armed with one would mean going broke as soon as you started.


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